Luxembourg city

Capital of a small country, Luxembourg is a dynamic city and a true cultural hub. The city hosts several art venues like museums, theaters and performance halls. Luxembourg is also a multi-cultural city. Indeed, no less than 170 different nationalities have decided to settle in the city as it represents the center and the heart of the country. The city stands out for its rich cultural programs including multilingual, multicultural, creative and eclectic programs.

Belair district

Belair is one of the most popular and sought-after districts of Luxembourg. The location is ideal due to the proximity to city center (15-minute walk). The district is also known for its parks, restaurants and numerous sports and leisure venues that make Belair a pleasant place to live.

The residence is close to the public transportation so it will be easy for you discover Merl park, the nearby bakeries and restaurants, the wine merchant “In Vino Gildas” which is always full of surprises…

Station district

The Gare district is located in the heart of Luxembourg city… Everything is accessible on foot. It is a dynamic district in full transformation. In addition to the well-known brands stores and restaurants located in the main streets, the adjacent neighboring streets have so many spots to explore including vegan restaurants, soup bars, wine and cheese bars, fair-trade shops.

Our Flexiroom Wallis residence is located in a quiet street with the bus stop at 50m away from the residence entrance.

Howald neighborhood

The Howald district is close to the city center and shopping areas. Luxembourg’s main business districts are just around the corner. In addition, this area is undergoing major changes thanks to the imminent inauguration of the new tramway lines.

Luxembourg: city of contrasts

Nowhere else do the remains of ancient fortresses and the creations of contemporary architecture mix so discreetly. Besides, the Old City of Luxembourg has been part of UNESCO World Heritage. Brand new high-tech constructions rub shoulders with historic buildings testifying to a past rich in experiences. In short: Luxembourg is a modern city with deep roots.

The green lungs of the city

A third of the surface of Luxembourg city is covered by beautifully and green landscaped. The abundance of parks and gardens across the capital of Luxembourg make the city a green setting where life is good. You can also discover the touristic, cultural and historical sites of Luxembourg, through a city tour by a tourist bus.


Heterogeneous business platform

While it is known for its financial districts, we often forget that the city of Luxembourg is also hosting many European institutions. In fact, Luxembourg’s business districts clearly represent a dynamic and heterogeneous business platform which is not limited to financial activities.
You will also have the chance to explore the architectural eras of the city by visiting the historic center.

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